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A delicious and fluffy cocoa cake (sweetened with apple and dates with a creamy pistachio filling contrasting with a fresh, homemade red fruit jam, date brigadeiro topping to perfectly sweeten this chocolate cake but with a touch of freshness perfect for the hot days ahead.


dates , apple, brown rice flour, extra virgin olive oil, coconut drink, low-fat cocoa, vanilla, flaxseed, gluten-free oats. apple cider vinegar, yeast, xanthan gum*.

pistachio filling: unsweetened gluten-free oat vegetable drink, agave, 100% pistachio paste, cornstarch.

red fruit compote: red fruits, corn starch, erythritol and stevia sweetener blend

date brigadeiro: dates, low-fat cocoa, coconut drink, vanilla.

Details: we do not make personalized decorations and we do not write on cakes .

Is it possible to decorate with edible flowers

edible flowers vary depending on supplier availability.

Illustrative picture

Orders must be placed at least 48 hours in advance.

WE SCHEDULE ORDERS FROM TUESDAY TO SATURDAY. If it is a holiday, contact us to find out if we will be open.

Attention. We do not ship this product via CTT express. Birthday cake orders must be placed in our store.

Cocoa cake, pistachios and red fruits

PriceFrom 49,00 €

    May contain traces of peanuts and contains pistachios

    ATTENTION. We do not ship this product via CTT


    SMALL (TWO LAYERS OF FILLING) diameter 15cm Approx. 1.5kg (serves 12/15 slices)

    MEDIUM (TWO LAYERS OF FILLING) diameter 20 cm Approx. 2.4kg (serves 20/24 slices)

    LARGE (ONE LAYER OF FILLING) diameter 25 cm Approx. 3.4kg (serves 30/32 slices)

    conservation: refrigerator for up to 5 days.

    It can be frozen, but we recommend consuming it within the estimated time, only refrigerated because the pistachio filling can change its texture when frozen.

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