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Vegan apple cake with apple cream filling and coconut cream frosting.

Ingredients. apple, dates, coconut drink, brown rice flour*, olive oil, gluten-free oat flour*, cinnamon, baking powder, cider vinegar*, xanthan gum*.


Details: Details: we do not make personalized decorations and we do not write on cakes. We can deliver the cake entirely smooth without added edges, semi naked cake (more rustic) or with ground almonds for the white cake, grated coconut with matcha green cake, grated coconut with beetroot pink cake, grated coconut with blue spirulina. If you prefer the white cake with a colored border, just let us know in the notes or via email.

the amount of matcha, spirulina and beetroot powder is small so as not to alter the flavor of the coconut cream.

We can decorate with edible flowers. (additional)

Edible flowers may vary depending on supplier availability.

It is possible to choose to decorate with gypsophilas (not edible, just decorative) on the base of the cake. (suggestion for baptisms) If you want this type of decoration, select edible flowers and include in the order notes that you want this other flower.

Orders must be made 48 hours in advance

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Apple cake with coconut cream

PriceFrom €39.00

    May contain peanuts and tree nuts.

    What is coconut cream?

    Coconut cream has a consistency and flavor very similar to whipped cream. A vegan and therefore dairy-free alternative for our cakes, it does not contain any type of sweeteners.

    ATTENTION. We do not ship this product via CTT


    SMALL (TWO LAYERS OF FILLING) diameter 15cm Approx. 1.6kg (serves 12/15 slices)

    MEDIUM (TWO LAYERS OF FILLING) diameter 20 cm Approx. 2.5kg (serves 20/24 slices)

    LARGE (ONE LAYER OF FILLING) diameter 25 cm Approx. 3kg serves 30 slices

    conservation: refrigerator for up to 3 days.

    Can be frozen for 30 days

  • kcal energy (100g) 198.79
    Lipids 8.49g
    of which saturated 4g
    Carbohydrates 27.29g
    of which sugars 16.22g
    fibers 2.44g
    proteins 1.84g
    salt 0.22g

    Quantity accuracy: Approximately.

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