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Box of 6 units approximately 27g each.

Ingredients. Dates , almond paste 100 % (25%), gluten-free oats, low-fat cocoa, raw cocoa nibs.

Contains almonds. May contain nuts.

Shelf life: In the refrigerator for up to 5 days and frozen for up to three months.

This product can be shipped via CTT express.

Usually available for immediate delivery in store.

Energy balls almonds and cocoa


    Illustrative picture

  • kcal energy (1 unit) 138.73 kcal
    Lipids 5.81g
    of which saturated 1.39g
    Carbohydrates 16.56g
    of which sugars 11.69g
    fibers 3.7g
    proteins 3.19g
    salt 0.00g

    Quantity accuracy: Approximately.

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