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Our panettone got a new VEGAN recipe this year: what was good became even better, fluffier and with a softer touch of chocolate.

For a low carb version, opt for the recipe with eggs and stevia

vegan version ingredients

Ground ALMONDS, sweet potato, potato starch, rice flour, sweet cassava starch, olive oil, coconut sugar, PSYLLIUM, dry organic yeast, apple cider vinegar, natural panettone essence (homemade), orange and lemon. Gluten-free oat drink and 72% cocoa chocolate.

Version with stevia and eggs

egg, ground almonds, psyllium, yeast, rice flour, (mixture of: xylitol, erythritol and stevia) orange, lemon, natural panettone essence (homemade). oat and chocolate drink 70% cocoa with stevia

Mini functional chocolate Panettone (small)

PriceFrom €18.00
  • serves 2/3 portions. Approximate weight 300g

    validity. 5 days

    Keep in the fridge and heat for 20 seconds in the microwave to serve or remove 2/3 hours before serving.

    illustrative picture


    The products are gluten-free and certified by APC


  • Orders for Christmas have a deadline set until 12/18, and can be reset if we have reached our order limit.

    Please note that orders placed after 10pm on 12/18 will be scheduled for the days after 12/26 . This product will only be available for orders scheduled until 6/1

    We will be open the week of 12/19 to 12/23 with normal hours and on 12/24 (Sunday) we will be open from 9am/1pm only for order collections.

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